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What types of trips do you plan?

I specialize in luxury independent (meaning you don't travel with an organized group) trips to England, France, Italy, Ireland and Scotland. If you're looking for a luxury Italy vacation, a bucket list trip through the wine regions of Italy and France, or a beautiful train ride through the Scottish Highlands, I'm your gal!

What should my budget be?​

Budget varies significantly based on what you'd like to do and see, as well as what types of special or exclusive experiences you have in mind. With the right budget almost anything is possible. I recommend a budget of no less that $750 per room per day for lodging and activities, with food and flights being additional. So if you're planning on having two rooms for older children or if you're traveling with friends you'll want to increase the budget accordingly.

Is there a cost for your services?​

Yes, our nonrefundable planning fees vary based on the length and complexity of the trip. Fill out this form to let me know what type of trip you're looking for and set up your free consultation call. I don't provide a fee quote until I know exactly what you're looking for, but generally planning fees fall in the $500-$1,250 range for a 1-2 week trip.​

Why do you charge for your services?​

The fees I charge cover the time and research that go into developing a customized itinerary for you. Traditional travel agents are paid on commission by the hotels and tour companies that they reserve for you. As your travel advisor, I look beyond the regular hotels and tour companies, focusing solely on your specific travel needs and desires without having to take into account whether what I book for you will pay commission. This lets me be your trusted advisor, not the agent of a hotel chain or tour company.

How far in advance do I need to plan a trip?

It completely depends on what you'd like to see and experience. Some special events need to be planned well in advance, such as group travel or a trip to Venice during Carnival. Other trips can be planned as quickly as a week or two before you leave. It completely depends on you and what you're comfortable with. Of course, if you don't have your passport yet you will need to plan at least three to four months out so you have time to go through the passport process. While I love working on spontaneous getaways, please note that planning fees for any trip with a planned departure within 6 weeks of the initial consultation will be charged a higher planning fee.

Do I need travel insurance?

That is up to you. Travel insurance is available for purchase, whether or not you choose to purchase it is up to you. You can also check with your credit card company to see if travel insurance is already provided for trips you purchase using your credit card.

How do I decide where to go and what to see?

The world is full of amazing sites and activities, but there's always more to do and see than you have time for in a single trip. Maybe it's your first trip to Europe and you want to see the highlights of London, Paris, and Rome; or maybe you're returning to somewhere you've been before and want to go in-depth to one or two locations. Regardless, we'll help you decide what to see and do so you can have an amazing trip without filling your days so full that you need a vacation when you get home.

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